After winning, move past campaign buzzwords

This election cycle, we saw a lot of campaigns using social media as an effective tool for messaging, marketing, and activism. In a cycle where messaging overshadowed actual policy, engagement was key, and potential constituents noticed when their questions and comments were being ignored.

For those candidates who were successful in 2012: it’s time to focus on the upcoming legislative session. It’s possible to do this without switching off of campaign mode; instead of completely changing gears, start tailoring your message to explain how you’re working to achieve all those goals you talked about during your campaign. Remind people why they voted for you, and give them current updates about what’s happening on the floor or in committee. By moving past campaign buzzwords and focusing on the present fight, you’ll be able to produce real-time proof that your words translate into actions.

And of couse, keep engaging with your constituents! They love hearing from you, and will definitely notice if you fall off the map.

Amy Miller lives and works in Austin, Texas.