Candidates should improve on past digital effort, not re-invent it

There’s no way around it. Digital is tough.

But that’s why we’re here, to improve on our performance in the 2012 cycle.

As I said, in this week’s #polichat, candidates who abandon their digital effort after an election cycle do a disservice to future candidates.

The reason I believe this is simple and has to do with the aforementioned fact of how tough it can be in the digital realm.

In order to get better, conservatives should aspire to improve on the digital effort put forth in the last election cycle, not re-invent the wheel every two years. However, in order for this improvement to come about, candidates have to be left with ‘building blocks’ from their predecessors.

If a solid foundation is not in place, campaigns will be forced to reinvent the wheel and, in turn, will lose precious time that could otherwise be used to communicate with likely voters.

With all of that said, it is absolutely imperative for candidates to resist the urge to completely ditch their digital apparatus once their specific election cycle has come to a close.

Martin Rini is a former Congressional Staffer and served as a Copywriter and Digital Content Coordinator at Romney/Ryan HQ in Boston.