Jan 8

Why a loss at the polls can still be a win

The election may be over, but there are always battles to fight. Just because a candidate did not win, doesn’t mean they’ve lost their influence. A losing candidate should shift his focus to the issues that matter to his audience.

3 ways a candidate can ditch the loser mentality:

  • ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE. Months, if not years, have been spent on building up a candidate’s base. Whether that base is a group of 200 dedicated rapid response activists or a fan page of 1,400, they are listening to what he has to say. A losing candidate should engage his audience in the upcoming fights with calls to action.
  • BE A RESOURCE. A candidate’s ability to influence those around him can be a huge asset to those with ties to his cause and to those who advocate for similar issues. 
  • STAY AN ISSUE INFLUENCER. A candidate has had his ear to the ground and knows what issues are important to his audience. This gives him a rare opportunity to engage in conversation with his audience about issues that matter to them.
Stephanie Fontenot is the New Media Manager for Americans for Prosperity 
*views and opinions are her own and do not reflect those of her employer